"The Trickster's loot locator" - for Thief1/ThiefGold/Thief2

New : updated version without the need for DromED (using Telliamed's 'LazyTaffer' instead)

Author : -gnartsch-

Version: 0.5.9

Updated: 02/25/2017


Changes to initial document indicated in red.

About "The Tricksters' loot locator"

"The Trickster's loot locator" is a small Java-program that allows you to generate a lootmap & lootlist for any Thief1, ThiefGold or Thief 2 mission.
The lootlist is created for every difficulty setting (Normal, Hard, Expert) and tells you what loot is availlable.
The lootmap gives you an idea on where about the loot is located that you are (still) looking for - which is in case you KNOW what loot you HAVE already.

The map is created from the coordinates created by the DromED report, however :

What the lootmap will NOT tell you :

Also, depending on the design of a mission, the total loot reported MAY DIFFER from the maximum loot reported in the stats screen in Thief.
E.g. in case you (Garrett) would be required to hand of some item to someone, this would be cut from the total in the game.

Known issues :

Future Enhancements :

How to read the map :

Look the example on the left :

In cell (X4/Y7) loot can be found in 2 different levels (Z0 and Z1).

In level Z0, there is one room named 'ButlersNorth'. Within that room the following loot can be found:
2 CopperCoinStacks(Copper$), 2 SilverCoinStack(Silver$) and 2 CandleSticks (only in difficulty Normal)

In level Z1 (above Z0), there are 2 rooms (in case the mission-author did a good job in tagging the rooms in his mission) named 'EastParlor' and 'EastWestWing'.
The Necklace is availlable only in Hard and Expert.

Note that you may hover with the mouse over each item in your browser to get some more information (e.g. the full name of the item and its value worth in Gold/Gems/Goods).

Description of tags

Z1 Z-position (starting from 0 where the 'lowest' loot is located)
By default, each higher number roughly correlates to a higher level within a typical mansion/house
GreatHall Name of the room/area (if provided by the mission author and availlable with DromEd reports only)
3 Coins (20) 3 individual coins located more or less close to each other (within the same 'cell')
>Copper$ (5) (FootLocker)< 1 CopperCoinStack which is contained(><) within a (FootLocker). So the loot can probably not be frobbed, but will be obtained by opening the container (lockbox, footlocker, safe, etc.)
>* Purse (100) (MaleServ1)< A purse contained(><) within (MaleServ1). The label (MaleServ1) indicates that you will find it rather worn on a person instead of being located within some container.
LazyTaffer only : The * points out that this is considered to be a PickPocket. Besides loot also PickPockets on other equipment (like keys, weapons, potions) are pointed out this way.
Prized Poker A 'Prized Poker', which happens to be a Special() item. It may be important for some specific objective or bonus objective, but typically has no loot-value.
2 FineWine (50)HE 2 FineWine, availlable on Hard and Expert only
S1 Up/Down Switch Secret #1. Given the name, the secret is obviously triggered by a switch.
S2 RedGemX (125) Secret #2. A secret loot-item (a red gem). Frobbing it will also trigger the secret.
?! S3 FindSecretTrap

T3 GateSmall
(GateSmall) <
Secret #3. The '!' indicates that there is an external trigger, which may be located in a perfectly different place in the map.
E.g. you may find this if there is a secret room, which has 2 possible entries. Check the map to find where the triggers are.
The triggers have the same number as the corresponding secret.
E.g. T3 triggers S3.
Purse (300)
(Starting Point) <
Items with green color are considered to be part of your 'starting gear'. Some missions give you some money upfront that you may decide to spend in a shop.
Off course, this money is not considered as loot in the statistics.
Broadhead Arrow (200) An item that you may buy in an in-game shop. Off course, it's value is not added to the loot-count.


A good example what the lootmap & lootlist may look like can be found in Thief 2 - The Metal Age - Running Interference or see the sample extract below.


TTLL v0.5.9 (ttll-0_5_9.zip, 95 KB)

After download, extract to any folder of your choice.


In order to use "The Trickster's loot locator" you need :

How to use

  1. Install the mission you want to create a map for via DarkLoader/GarrettLoader
  2. Create a loot report either using DromED or LazyTaffers lootlist utility
  3. Process the lootlist with TTLL


  1. Download LazyTaffer and extract it (preferably into the folder where you extracted TTLL as well)
  2. Run lootlist.exe and point it to the correcsponding .mis-file of the mission and redirect the output into a .txt-file. E.g.
    lootlist.exe C:\Games\Thief2\miss1.mis > RunningInterference.txt
  3. Run ttll.bat on the generated text file.
    ttll.bat -i:RunningInterference.txt
  4. This will generate a .html file that you can launch in your browser


  1. Start DromEd either manually or via DarkLoader/GarrettLoader (if you have DromED configured there already)
  2. In case the Mission-file contains multiple levels, you need to figure out the names of the .mis - files by opening the ZIP
  3. Open the desired .mis file via DromEd
  4. Goto menu 'Tools' and click on 'Generate Report'
  5. Select 'Warning Level' to read 'Dump Everything possible' and click 'OK' (see screenshot)
  6. Find the file 'default.rep' that got created in your Thief1(Gold)/Thief2 installation folder
  7. Preferably rename the .rep file and give it a reasonable name. E.g. RunningInterference.rep
  8. Move the .rep into your TTLL folder
  9. Run ttll.bat on the generated report file.
    ttll.bat -i:RunningInterference.rep
  10. This will generate a .html file that you can launch in your browser

Note: TTLL provides a couple of command-line parameters that allow to

To see all possible commands, call ttll.bat from the command-line as follows:

ttll.bat /h

Sample: Generate report for campaign 'Thief (Gold) - The Dark Project' with mission name 'Down in the Bonehoard' from file "TGmiss4.rep" and create a HTML-file named "TGmiss4.html" using automap (which will cause 20 rows and columns to be produced in maximum in the map per default)

ttll.bat -c:"Thief (Gold) - The Dark Project" -m:"Down in the Bonehoard" -i:"samples\TGmiss4.rep" -o:"samples\TGmiss4.html" /automap

Lootmaps for the original Thief missions : Thief Gold & Thief 2

Thief (Gold) - The Dark Project

Mission report created with
1 A Keeper's Training DromED Lazytaffer
2 Lord Bafford's Mansion DromED Lazytaffer
3 Break from Cragsleft Prison DromED Lazytaffer
4 Down in the Bonehoard DromED Lazytaffer
5 Assassins DromED Lazytaffer
6 Thieves' Guild DromED Lazytaffer
7 The Sword DromED Lazytaffer
8 The Haunted Cathedral DromED Lazytaffer
9 The Mages Towers DromED Lazytaffer
10 The Lost City DromED Lazytaffer
11 Song of the Caverns DromED Lazytaffer
12 Undercover DromED Lazytaffer
13 Return to the Catheral DromED Lazytaffer
14 Escape ! DromED Lazytaffer
15 Strange Bedfellows DromED Lazytaffer
16 Into the Maw of Chaos DromED Lazytaffer
17 "Easteregg" DromED Lazytaffer

Thief 2 - The Metal Age

Mission report created with
1 Running Interference DromED Lazytaffer
2 Shipping ... and Receiving DromED Lazytaffer
3 Framed DromED Lazytaffer
4 Ambush ! DromED Lazytaffer
5 Eavesdropping DromED Lazytaffer
6 First City Bank and Trust DromED Lazytaffer
7 Blackmail DromED Lazytaffer
8 Trace the Courier DromED Lazytaffer
9 Trail of Blood DromED Lazytaffer
10 Life of the Party DromED Lazytaffer
11 Precious Cargo DromED Lazytaffer
12 Kidnap DromED Lazytaffer
13 Casing the Joint DromED Lazytaffer
14 Masks DromED Lazytaffer
15 Sabotage at Soulforge DromED Lazytaffer