System Shock 1 + 2 - Missions by Author - A-Z

Last Update : 2019-10-17

Game Status Author Title Date S W H L F Size
L the_3rdplayer ReWired v1.1 2018.06.30 F 0.3 MB
Game Status Author Title Date S W H L F Size
SS2 play Blaydes Return to the UNN v1.01
F 38.4 MB
5.4 MB
SS2 play chuckles n chestnuts Blind Disposition v1.2 2017.04.19 F 4.5 MB
SS2 play Christine Shocking Ruins
(ported version of 'Bloody Ruins')
2008.10.09 F 27.2 MB
SS2 Christine Ponterbee Station
play Ponterbee Station - P1
quickfix v1.0
2008.10.22 W F 66.9 MB
play UNN Nightwalker - P2
quickfix v1.01
2008.10.29 F 54.2 MB
play UNN Polaris-32Ao - P3
quickfix v1.03
2008.10.29 F 86.6 MB
play Have a Nice Holiday ! - P4 2008.10.31 F 133.7 MB
SS2 play Doc4 The Arboretum 2001.04.12 F 9.6 MB
SS2 play icemann Ancient 2003.06.02 F 1.1 MB
SS2 play The Pixie The Minstrel v1.03 (*)
fixed by voodoo47
2017.02.20 F 18.7 MB
SS2 play Zombe Proov 2004.07.10 F 1.7 MB
SS2 play Zygoptera Arena 2006.12.04 H F 11.7 MB
SS2 play Zygoptera LGS Dojo Level (demo) 2004.01.18 F 1.0 MB
L xdiesp SystemShock Infinite MOD 2.41b ND
System Shock Infinite addons and fixes
2018.11.25 F 1275.0 MB
SS2 --- icemanm Alone (unfinished, ShockED only) 2013.07.22 F 0.4 MB
SS2 --- IonosFear Testlevel 2009.05.21 F 1.0 MB
SS2 L ??? Old map collection
A collection of unfinished missions, mostly ShockED only
Also included: 1hour-contest missions
2013.07.23 F 18.3 MB
Game Status Author Title Date S W H L F Size

ND : requires NewDark