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Complete list of Contest-Missions on TTLG
Contest Date Details Download Missions
Trial Contest 07/2000  


The Bath House cdfbr
Stowaway - Winner - Finial
Waterlogged Belboz
A Grand Opening
unfinished/not released
Komag's Contest 1 07/2001 Details Download
Airship Dave Angel
Dreamslide Komag
Escape from Blackstone Crypt - Winner - Hit Deity
Five Minute Thieves Guild William the Taffer
Oswald's Patisserie PMouse
The Turtle on Its Back Gonchong
Warehouse 51 Kung Fu Gecko
Komag's Contest 2 01/2002 Details Download
Alchemic Allusions Komag
The Builder's Hammer Yametha
The Game M S Eyre
Hedgerows and Hammerites Gumdrop
The Hightowne Museum - Winner - Spitter
The Inventor's Tower Morrgan
Melian's Method Jimmy Desiderio
Mr. J's Ring Rabid Bunnie Wabbit
Red Ridge Darkfire
Sir Lector Comes to Dine William the Taffer
Space Thief William the Taffer
Stiff Competition Keeperess
The Ties that Bind Hit Deity
TrainSpotting Schwaa
Victralia's Realm Cookiedough
The Wickerman MaJiC
Komag's Contest 3 07/2002 Details Download
After the Party ChangelingJane
Akhenaten's Tomb Darkfire
Breaking and Entering Spitter
Deceptive Perception William the Taffer
Dedicated To The People of TTLG Cookiedough
First City Bank & Trust Annex Telliamed
The Gold Skull of Lord Frobb Cookiedough
The Keepers are Thirsty Chris K. (Cypher628)
Mind Master Komag
Night's Recourse William the Taffer
Old Comrades, Old Debts - Winner - Bukary and Ernie
SandBride Police Station Cookiedough
Thief 2 - CTF Telliamed
Underground Escape THEthief
Eastwater Bank Yandros
The Fireshadow's Barrow Yametha
Komag's Contest 4 03/2003 Details Download
Amnesia Telliamed
The Bar MOG
Breakout from Apocalypse Prison golem8
Burrick's Head Inn - Winner - Yandros
Careless Little Fly Morrgan
Cashing In jono456
Curiosity Shop Moghedian
Debt to Nate eepcat
Dwelling Insanity Rustibus
Father Hirvakia's Portal part 1 William the Taffer
Father Hirvakia's Portal part 2 William the Taffer
Father Hirvakia's Portal part 3 William the Taffer
Father Hirvakia's Portal part 4 William the Taffer
A Mission with No Name mopgoblin
A Mother's Love Kfort
Mylokh's Tower eepcat
Night of the Singing Potion William the Taffer
No More Clients for Monty Duodecimal
RGB Yandros
Secret Weapon M S Eyre
Taffer's Shooting Gallery Justice01
Thief Noir Gumdrop
A Thief Nonetheless Uncadonego
Thievery? Dark Arrow
Too Good to be True THEthief
Unfortunate Formulae Timon
Volcano Island Prison Facility Caradavin
Komag's Contest 5 05/2004 Details Download
The Adventures of Burrick Boy Kfort
At the Royal Rumble Show Sterlino
Bafford's Bone Collection SlyFoxx
Fate of the Art Gregorius
The Focus Ramirez's Old Fat Burrick
Frozen Mines Azrarhn
A Guard Called Benny Dark Arrow
Gussie's Dream The Dude
The Haunting Nameless Voice
House of Random Schwaa
Into the Maelstrom - Winner - Morrgan
Midday Escape Sxerks
Plagarism Genie_bottle
Properly Paranoid Jabberwocky
The Relic Timon
The Saint golem8
The Summit Yandros
Viktor Gaspar Balboa
Working the Mines Fred Thiefstone
DromEd Beauty Contest 04/2005   Download
The Clocktower - Winner - Ottoj55
The Cloister of St. Lazarius Alexius
Hazelshade Cemetery Nameless Voice
A Nice Stroll demagogue
Requiem for a Thief Yandros
Ride the Butterfly Moghedian
Surrounded by the Metal Age R Soul
Novice Contest 10/2005 Details Download
A Bank Job Nielsen74
Last Gleaming of the Rising Sun Shadow145
Mech Bank - Winner - The Pixie
Rosaries are Red Tainted
Serge Bank masterthief
The Taffer's Bank Thief0
not released
Random Taffer
Komag's Contest 6 (TDS) 11/2005 Details Download
Creature Clash 3 Dark Arrow
The Crypt - Winner - Norbert Navratil
Defender of the Crown Komag
Forgotten Stash Bardic
Skulduggery Crispy
Starting From Scratch joebarnin
Polish Contest
"The Glyph of Hammer & Trowel Contest"
12/2005 Results Download
The Citadel of Wrath-Amon Paweuek
The First Day of Winter - Winner - PinkDot
A Winter Holiday Timon
First German DromEd Contest
"Where am I ?"
04/2006   Download
Seltsame Begegnung - Winner - Ar-Zimrathon
Von Ratten, Spinnen und einer Flucht Kamon
Small Stock Resource (SSR) Contest 04/2006 Results Download
An Adventure in Eastport BG Taffer (Svetlio)
The Auldale Chess Tournament SlyFoxx
Choose Your Own Adventure Thief0
Complications Drysils Chosen
Cryptic Cravings The Dude
February TheNightTerror
The Fever Random_Taffer
Keyhunt - Winner - Eshaktaar
The Night Shift Ottoj55
Payback Nielsen74
Shadows of the Past John D.
Slow but Steady Progress Vlad Midnight
Through No Vault of My Own Brother Renault
Water Contest (Thief 2) 10/2006 Details
A. K. A. Noah Vogelfrei
Dangerous Conditions R Soul
In These Enlightened Times The Pixie
Lost Souls TheNightTerror
Sneaking Through Venice Naks
Temple of the Tides Nameless Voice
What Lies Below - Winner - Yandros
Total Crap Contest 01/2007 Results Download
Chuffy Train Sluggs
DTC tOt 1 the escape taffer9
Half Blind Drysils Chosen
Hammerite Hideout Cavalorn
Incubus - Winner - Sterlino
The Kill Factory Sliptip
Kill The Guard P Forth
OMG Get You're Blackjack Back! LOL Yandros
Quamtotius Purgamentum The Dude
Having Regrets Schwaa (aka Badcogg)
The Drop Sluggs
The Scary Castle Sluggs
Bad Man Mortal Monkey
House Rob Thief0
The J0KeR Telliamed
A Long Way Down Mortal Monkey
The Medal Age R Soul
Shadow Of Darkness Fitzambey
Tcrap TDBonko
The Cube Ottoj55
Walkin' Da Moon Bulgarian Taffer / BG Taffer (Svetlio)
Masters of Horror Contest 07/2007   Download
The Dead of Winter - Winner - Ottoj55
Island of Madness nicked
Last Caress Telliamed
Torn Apart Drysils Chosen
Classic Thief Experience Contest 10/2008 Results Download
Bafford's Town House Esme
The Plot Thickens Ottoj55
Shadow Moon P Forth
A Simple Job Planned for this Evening thief0
The Unbidden Guest - Winner - Melan
The Unsung Villain R Soul
Thief Anniversary Contest 12/2008 Details
The Affairs of Wizards Nameless Voice
Ashes and Dust Random_Taffer
Bad Intentions Mirko
Falling Down TF
Flowers for a Friend P Forth
The Homeless Dude John The Beggar
The Kindred Vault eepcat
An Old Friend Lost Soul
The Tower - Winner - Lady Rowena (A.M.I)
Vampire Skull nicked
Weak Links ghost_in_the_shell
A Weekend Getaway Ottoj55
Yume no Rozen Sxerks
Vertical Contest 09/2009 Results Download
Lady Mossy Marzec
Third Times the Charm - Winner - Ottoj55
When Angels Refuse to Die Balboa
Uncadonego's No Pressure (Un)Contest
(no winner)
12/2009 Details Download
Crypt of St Lucian Lost Soul
Flip a Coin Uncadonego
Harlequin Balboa
Theft In High Towne intruder
Unholy Vivid Innocence Haplo
Midday Eclipse Sxerks
Great Chrismas Contest 2009 (TDM) 12/2009 Details  
Business as Usual Bikerdude
Return to the City - Winner - Melan
The Sons of Baltona 1 Carnage
Living Expenses Sonosuke
The Parcel Xonze
Too Late Nielsen74
Jason's Summer 2010 Contest 06/2010 Details1
A Nights Profit intruder
Captain of the Guard Random_Taffer
Escape Hammer Hill - Winner - DarthsLair
Settling a Score eepcat
Summer FM Vertical Contest 2010 (TDM) 08/2010 Details  
Glenham Tower (Thomas Porter - p4) - Winner - Sotha
Mad's Mountain Jesps
Illusionist's Tower stumpy
The Rift Baddcog
Betrayal Fieldmedic
Somewhere Above the City grayman
The Caduceus of St. Alban Bikerdude
Swing Komag
Thief Reloaded Contest 02/2011 Details
The Deadly Triangle (Final-A) DarthsLair
The Revenge of Lt. Hagen FireMage (Jordan_MAF)
To The End With Nothing Haplo & Marukpa
Complicated Cargo - Winner - intruder
Snowball Fight! Yandros
Seasons Contest 2011 (TDM) 06/2011 Details  
Mandrasola (Thomas Porter - p1) Sotha
Fiasco at Fauchard Street Melan
Winterharvest v2.4 Shadowhide
Rake Off Jesps
Reap as you sow Fieldmedic
Alberic's Curse - Winner - Bikerdude
Halloween Speed Build Contest 2011 (TDM) 10/2011 Details  
Samhain Night on Bone Hill PranQster
House in Blackbog Hollow stumpy
A Night to Remember Fieldmedic
The Creeps - Winner - Mortem Desino
Dragon's Claw Bikerdude
Thief Reloaded Contest #2 04/2012 Details
Pestis Cruenta Haplo
A Dire Return intruder
The Overlord's Ending FireMage (Jordan_Maf)
Bad Hangover - Winner - brethren
The Dark Mod Beginners Contest (TDM) 04/2012 Details  
Sneak & Destroy - Winner - SeriousToni
Rightful Property jysk
In Remembrance Of Him (too late to the party) RPGista
Halloween Contest 2012 11/2012 Details
Tell Tale Heart ND DarthsLair
Evil Thievery FireMage
A Better Tomorrow - Winner - DrK
Unknown Danger CMD
NewDark '64 Cubed' Contest 05/2013 Details
Til Death do us Part ND MysteryMan
Way Home ND Nothestes
The Unseen TG-ND skacky
Schizophrenica ND fibanocci
The Sinkhole ND Weasel
Cell 6 ND Yandros/Tannar/Random_Taffer
Zealot's Hollow ND - Winner - Xorak
Dead Night Sweet Delight T1ND
Dead Night Sweet Delight ND
Unusual Gameplay Contest 2013 (TDM) 08/2013 Details  
The Builder's Blocks Jesps
The Lich Queen's Demise - Winner Sotha
Not An Ordinary Guest Fieldmedic
Newdark "48 Hour Challenge" Contest 08/2013 Details
Canvassing the Neighborhood ND Yandros
Double or Quits ND - Winner - DrK
Forty Eight ND Caradavin
Half-Assed Marriage ND FireMage
Run! ND Notesthes
Secret of the Keepers ND SneakyGuy101
The Cash Box ND Brethren
The Music of Sibel ND skacky
Halloween Contest 2013 10/2013 Details
Invasion (TMA ND) john9818a
Happy Halloween! (TDS) anonymous
Island of Sorrow (TMA ND) - Winner - MysteryMan
Thief "10 Rooms" Contest 01/2014 Details
Anybody...home? ND Zoro
The Cave Artifact ND sNeaksieGarrett
Hammered (English) ND
Hammerhart (German) ND - Winner -
Lost In The Far Edges ND Soul Tear
The Serpentine Amulet TG-ND SneakyGuy101
Halloween Contest 2014 (TDM) 10/2014 Details  
Briarwood Cathedral - Winner - buck28
Exhumed kyyrma & Airship Ballet
Word Challenge Contest 2914 02/2015 Details
Saving Caroline Caradavin
Lucky Hand ND DarthsLair
The Curse of the Skull Goblet ND - Winner - FireMage
Summer 2015 FM Challenge
(no winner)
- 09/2015
Roofs of Gold ND Terra
The Chalice of Souls ND skacky, FireMage, Squadafroin
Halloween Contest 2015 (TDM) 10/2015 Details  
The Golden Skull Sotha
Thief's Remorse Airship Ballet
Spring Cleaning Goldwell
Dead Drunk Stumpy
The Rats Triumphant - Winner - Melan
72 Hour Build Contest 12/2015 Details
The Swindle Job v1.1 ND Dev_Anj
Vanishing Point ND - Winner skacky
The Wooden Box ND FireMage
Dirty Money TG-ND DrK
Newdark Novice Contest 12/2015
- 02/2016
Just My Luck v1.2 ND Grandmauden
Shoes & Dresses v1.01 ND JarlFrank
Forgotten Tomb v1.1 ND - Winner Kurhhan
Strange Ventures Contest 08/2016
- 11/2016
Up in the Bonehoard - Winner Chopsticks
Kidnap... Artelius
The New Sheriff El Tafferino
Lost Places Contest 04/2017
- 08/2017
Bertrand's Forgotten Tomb ND trefoilknot
Derelict Dock District ND - Winner john9818a
The Eye of the Gems: Shadow and Fog ND Terra
Thief: The Dark Project 20th Anniversary Contest 11/2017
Catacombs of Knoss nicked
Lord G v1.3 Marzec
The Whistling of the Gears Firemage (Deception)
In & Out v1.1 FrenchDecay, JarlFrank
& marbleman
An Enigmatic Treasure with a Recondite Discovery GORT
The Hunt, Part 1: Search Grandmauden
Darkness Walk With Us! Haplo
Order of the Dew Jayrude
Lost Among The Forsaken DrK (King Mirdas)
Rose Garden Melan
The Lost City of Gazing Glass mtk
Madness Of Wolfgang Handspiegel mtk
The Burning Bedlam Phantom
Dewinder Manor psych0sis
Shadow Play Schlock
The Sound of a Burrick in a Room - Winner son_of_a_dude
Heart And Soul StinkyKitty & McTaffer
Mother Redcaps' Last Request Swiz
The Scarlet Cascabel v1.1 Tannar & PukeyBrunster
Ultimate Burglary -Terra-
The Tomb of Saint Tennor v1.1 vegetables
Making a Profit vfig
Downtowne Funk Yandros
Thief II: The Metal Age 20th Anniversary Contest 03/2019

ND : requires NewDark