Thief 1/G/2 - DEMO Missions by Author - A-Z

Last Update : 2019-10-27


Demos & Abandoned FMs taken from : (links updated 2013.07.07) (orphaned) (links updated 2012.10.02) (added 2010.08.05) (added 2012.12.31) (links updated 2014.01.24) (japanese Demos)

Game Status Author Title Date S W H L F Size COMMENTS
T2 play 3mdrin 4 Stories 2013.03.14 F 4.2 MB abandoned pre-alpha, 4 missions
T1 play ANONYMOUS Drop Fire Wood 2004.03.19 0.3 MB
T1 play ANONYMOUS Paint Key 2001.05.18 0.1 MB
T1 play ANONYMOUS Ski Free 1999.12.21 0.3 MB
T1 play ANONYMOUS Burrickdemo 2000.05.24 0.5 MB some small funlevel
T1 play ANONYMOUS Principles 1999.05.04 0.2 MB
T2 play ANONYMOUS All Creatures 2002.04.27 0.2 MB Shows all the creatures available in Thief
T2 play ANONYMOUS Dorihu 2002.09.11 0.1 MB A Japanese mission demos dropping objects by pressing buttons
T2 play ANONYMOUS Metabrush Sample 2001.06.18 0.1 MB Before and After, not really showing anything
T2 play ANONYMOUS Some new grenades
DromED only
2000.02.22 0.3 MB Water, Fire, Air grenades I guess
T2 play ANONYMOUS Poisoned Undead
DromED only
2002.08.06 0.3 MB Demonstrates losing health slowly over time when injured by the undead
T2 play ANONYMOUS Sport 2000.07.26 0.2 MB No idea what it demonstrates
T2 play ANONYMOUS Trampoline 2001.03.26 0.1 MB A neat demonstration of a bouncy surface
T2 play ANONYMOUS Trap Timed Delay 2002.01.12 0.1 MB
T2 play ANONYMOUS Trap Timed Delay 2 2002.01.13 0.1 MB
T2 play ANONYMOUS Undead
DromED only
2000.12.23 0.3 MB Really useless demo of killing a zombie
T2 play ANONYMOUS Victrola Demo 2002.10.23 0.3 MB Demonstration of a working victrola with multiple tracks
T2 play ANONYMOUS What a Dream !
abandoned fanmission
2006.11.23 0.7 MB
T2 --- ANONYMOUS Burricks, Craymen, Bugbeasts 2001.06.27 2.7 MB gamesys with Burricks, ...
T2 play ANONYMOUS Mission 2004.10.28 0.5 MB a abandoned small mansion map
T2 play ANONYMOUS Security - DromED only 2001.01.01 0.3 MB demonstrates viewing through a security cam by frobbing a button
T2 play ANONYMOUS ifms-golan 2005.03.12 3.2 MB 3 abandoned FM maps.
One looks like a port/mod of an OM to me. Plus a sewer and a small cathedral map.
T2 play
ANONYMOUS ratas 2004.04.06 0.5 MB A small creepy, but beautiful mine. Well worth playing.
T2 play ANONYMOUS Chapter 52 2001.01.10 0.3 MB 4 demomissions on chapter 52 of the Thief II - Tutorials
T2 play ANONYMOUS Chapter 53 2001.01.13 0.2 MB 3 demomissions on chapter 53 of the Thief II - Tutorials
T2 play ANONYMOUS Chapter 54 2001.02.01 0.1 MB 2 demomissions on chapter 54 of the Thief II - Tutorials
T2 play Alastus Bring Object to a Room
DromED only
2001.06.14 0.3 MB
T2 play CD Delay
DromED only
2001.05.20 0.3 MB
T2 play Flash Effect
DromED only
2001.06.14 0.3 MB
T2 play Wards
DromED only
2001.06.16 0.3 MB
T2 play Andrew Shephard Mirrorlack Reflective 2004.12.17 0.1 MB some texture demo
T2 play Andrew Shephard Additive Textures demo 2005.02.08 0.4 MB some texture demo
T2 play Andrew Shephard Chrome Shader demo 2005.02.08 0.1 MB some texture demo
T2 play Andrew Shephard Texture Noleak demo 2010.08.04 0.1 MB some texture demo
T2 play Andrew Shephard Texture Trail demo 2010.08.04 0.1 MB some texture demo
T1 play Apache Alarm1 2000.02.01 0.2 MB Demo about functional alarm system
T1 play Apache Doors 1999.10.25 0.1 MB Demo about doors and keys
T1 play Apache Lava 2000.01.18 0.1 MB Demo about lava
T1 play Apache Objectives 1999.11.06 0.2 MB Demo about objectives
T1 play Apache Water 2000.01,23 0.1 MB Demo about water
T1 play Apache Autolights 1 2000.06.29 0.1 MB Demo about automatic Lost City lights
T2 play Apache Autolights 2 2000.06.29 0.1 MB Demo about automatic lights
T2 play Apache Carry Over 2001.03.15 0.4 MB Demo on carrying on equipment from one mission to another
T2 play Apache Bring here 2001.02.01 0.2 MB Carry AI to a specific place
T2 play Avalon Locational Damage Demo 2001.05.18 0.1 MB Plot Description: This is a small demo mission for locational damage. The points where the AI can receive different damages use skulls, and remain visible so that the user can see where each different point of locational damage is.
T2 play Avalon Machines Demo 2001.05.18 0.2 MB Plot Description: A guide with companion demo mission descirbing how to make the machines of soulforge. Note that the information in this guide can be used for much more then just manufacturing machines.
T1 play Bed Bed1 1999.06.26 0.3 MB
T2 play Belboz Thief 2 Burrick Demo
includes DromED-only demo level
2001.05.18 0.5 MB Plot Description: Zip contains gamesys file containing all the architypes to make burricks work, including burping and the two dead corpses zip also contains the mesh files from thief gold for the living burrick and obj files from thief gold for the dead burricks
T2 play Belboz Teleport Demos 2001.08.01 0.1 MB Plot Description: Three teleportation demos, Simple, Advanced, Exotic. Simple: Stand on metal box and frob switch. Advanced: Frob switch then stand on metal box Exotic: Use the coin you are carrying on the strange plaque.

Additional Comments: To use, install with DarkLoader, but only run through dromed, it wont work through thief.
T1 play Belboz Garrett on Patrol
DromED only
2001.05.18 0.1 MB Plot Description: Here's a very small demo for all those people who would like to meet Garrett face to face. As its a demo, best to unzip it to thief dir and run it through dromed.exe
T2 play BG Taffer Ship 2005.11.26 0.2 MB
T2 play Blutch Lantern Guard 2001.05.18 0.1 MB Plot Description: This is a guide describing how to give a guard a distinguishable lantern.
T2 play Bukary Mission Without Objectives - polish 2001.10.28 0.6 MB
T1 play Despot VOTrap1 1999.11.04 0.1 MB Demo on using VOTraps
T1 play Despot VOTrap2 2000.01.18 0.1 MB Demo on using VOTraps
T2 play cdfbr Fish 2000.05.22 0.3 MB
T2 play Child Of Karras TDS City Project v319 beta
just basic map - no objectives
2010.08.17 23.3 MB
T2 play Christine Objekte-Test 2013.03.21 29.7 MB So far unreleased new custom objects
T2ND play Christine Objects Update ND
Object Demo ND
F 107.0 MB
138.0 MB
Many custom & improved objects including a demo campaign.
T2 play Chuzhoi Slug 2012.02.06 S 3.0 MB Slug model for Thief 2
T1 play Corpse Tower 2002.06.05 1.1 MB
T1 play d'Spair (Maxim Samoylenko) Grim - alpha 2003.06.28 13.1 MB rework of T1/G OM "Thieves' Guild"
T2 play d'Spair (Maxim Samoylenko) Stealing the Stolen 2004.06.25 0.9 MB
T2 play Daraan Seamless(Player) TeleporterTrap 2012.02.12 F 0.3 MB
T2 play Daraan PortalTrap (beta)
DromED only
2012.02.12 F 1.6 MB
T2 play Daraan Fake Water 2013.08.02 F 53.4 MB
T2 L Daraan Daaran's Building Pack 0.79 - BETA 2016.05.03 F 105.0 MB
T2 not playable Dario Faceless
abandoned fanmission
DromED only
2008.05.09 S F 77.9 MB
T2 play Dark Arrow Ogre demo 2003.07.08 1.9 MB
T2 play Dark Arrow Smelter Demo 2001.12.11 0.5 MB Plot Description: Working smelter system and a hammerite worker in Thief 2. Unzip to your Thief 2 folder.See readme for more information how to use it in your level.

Additional Comments: NOTE to owners. I'm giving you an update so you don't need to manually move those new objects to the BCB.gam. Click here.
T2 play Dark Arrow Smelter Demo 2 2002.10.13 0.4 MB Same demo I guess, with some refinements
T2 --- Dark Arrow BCB (vdromed 2)
not playable
only gamesys for authors
2001.12.11 2.7 MB Plot Description: This is a Dromed 2 file that contains Burrick, Crayman, Bugbeast, Spiderbeast, Fire Elemental, Craybeast and Holy Font in the same gamesystem.
T2 play Dark Arrow Burrick Riders & Carriable Torches 2003.11.29 1.1 MB
T2 play Dark Arrow New Spells 2002.09.21 1.2 MB Plot Description: A demonstration of some hand-heald hand-thrown grenades with various effects. - Digi
Some new spells you can cast
T2 play Dark Arrow Old-FM
abandoned fanmission
DromED only
2002.09.27 0.6 MB
T2 play Dark Arrow ReSpawnPoint
DromED only
2003.09.24 0.4 MB Make AI ReSpawn in Thief2
T2 play Dark Arrow Base 22
abandoned fanmission
2007.10.07 1.5 MB
T1 play dark_lord Dark Lord
Update by kdau
2013.07.10 S 0.4 MB unfinished mission
T2 play Dave Vrabel Keys and Locks 2002.01.15 0.1 MB
T2 play Demonreaver Test Motions 2002.10.06 0.1 MB Demonstrates some motions
T2 play DiegoSan (Zoro) Joker
abandoned fanmission
2011.08.26 24.8 MB
T2 play DiegoSan (Zoro) SOD 3 Lednik
abandoned fanmission
2011.08.26 2.9 MB
T2 play DiegoSan (Zoro) Testbattle
abandoned fanmission
2011.08.19 0.7 MB
T1 play Doaal The Tomb 2001.01.11 0.3 MB
T1 play TaXi Garrett's House (vdromed)
DromED only
2001.05.18 0.6 MB This is a small creation by a begninning dromder.
It is to be looked at in Dromed 1 with the AI turned off.
TG play TaXi Garrett's House Gold (vdromed)
DromED only
2003.03.11 0.6 MB
T2 play Esme Testsync 2008.04.25 0.3 MB
T2 play Fidcal Den
abandoned fanmission
added dedx01.gam
2008.06.26 0.8 MB
T2 play Firehawk Wasser 2011.10.26 F 0.4 MB Demo of rising water
T2 play FireMage StorMission
abandoned fanmission
2011.05.03 85.9 MB
T2 play Flanders Flanders 2011.02.26 3.6 MB
T1 play Gabriel Sleighter Snow Demo 2000.07.17 0.5 MB Plot Description: Just a snowy weather demo…
T2 play Gaylesaver The Wrestling Match
copy darkhooks.dll manually !
2001.10.27 0.7 MB
T2 play Gaylesaver Custom Script Demo 2003.11.23 0.6 MB Demo included with Devolper Custom Scripts 2.1
T1 play Gonchong Rainy Day, Eastside 2000.01.29 0.1 MB Plot Description: Basically a stormy, rain atmosphere demo. This could be expanded into a complete mission.
T1 play Gonchong Drunken 2000.03.27 0.5 MB
T1 play Gonchong Alarus Extension 1999.09.13 0.6 MB
T2 play GORT The House That Karras Built
abandoned fanmission
2007.09.03 12.5 MB
T2 play Gregorius Sinking Demo 2004.11.05 0.5 MB Plot Description: The Mechanists have built a really big luxurious ship named "Titanicus Maximus". It is about to set off on the first cruise. There will be many rich persons on board and a lot of loot to collect.
You've embarked on this vessel and are in hiding on the service deck. But... something goes wrong. Time to leave your hideout.

Additional Comments: Short demo mission showing two special effects:
- Raising Water
- Complex Elevator
Full tutorial included!
T2 play Gum Drop Unfinished Lighthouse Project 2002.03.12 0.4 MB Its rather crude, not a demo, its an abandoned project
T2 play Gum Drop Waterfront Racket 2012.03.17 23.1 MB
T2 play HamletC Tree Collection 2012.03.29 12.3 MB A collection of tree models
T2 play Hanscz Retrieval 2001.08.11 0.2 MB
T2 play Haplo Two Thieves
DromED only
2011.08.14 1.1 MB Demonstrates player switching between 2 characters
T2 play HunterByNite CrayBug 2001.04.12 1.7 MB Plot Description: This demo is for Thief 2 only and runs from Dromed 2 (patched version). The files allow you to utilise Craymen and Bugbeasts in your missions.
T2 play Imposter Thief 2 Conversation Demo 2001.05.18 0.1 MB Plot Description: Demonstrates a conversation in Thief 2.
T2 play Imposter Door demo 2000.10.13 0.1 MB A demo on doors
T2 play intruder Thief 'Capture the Flag' 2012.09.09 2.2 MB Watch AI's playing 'Capture the Flag'
T2 play intruder Abandoned missions 2014.06.23 F 78.5 MB 7 abandoned missions
T1 play Ishy Lockpick 1999.10.25 0.1 MB Pickable locks
T2 play IstvanVarga Mission 2153
abandoned fanmission
2004.12.19 3.1 MB
T2 play Ottoj55
see mission-graveyard
Garrett Jones
abandoned fanmission
2003.12.10 1.7 MB
T2 Street Project
abandoned fanmission
2003.12.10 0.8 MB
T2 Mechanist Project
abandoned fanmission
2003.12.10 0.9 MB
T2 Coliseum Project
abandoned fanmission
2003.12.10 0.6 MB
T2/1 play Ottoj55 Lantern Demo based on Spitter's Design 2006.10.03 0.4 MB
T1 play James Slade Color Lighting Demo 2001.05.18 0.1 MB Plot Description: A demo that offers one suggestion as to how colored lighting could be simulated. (The Thief with a light saber is actually much more interesting then the light demo part... -Digi :)
T2 play Spitter Portable Switchable Lantern 2001.09.27 0.3 MB
T1 play TTGuard Whack-A-Rat 2000.03.14 0.6 MB Plot Description: I have a simple job planned for this evening. Break into a guarded mansion, steal another fat noble mans priceless trinket and leave quietly... wait a minute, that isn't it. You were deposited at the front gate of a small mansion. Your only way out is to find and grab the Golden Skull placed some where in the level, but first you want to do a little investigating. This place has three main rooms, conveniently they are numbered in order of visitation, read the gold plaques before you go in and do as they ask. The final room, room 3, is the whole purpose of this place. Enjoy, oh, I almost forgot to mention there is a secret fourth room, it's the one with the Gold Skull, you can't get out without it. It might be worth your while to get out, Right? Then again maybe not.
T2 play JIS Welcome to Thief 3 2002.04.27 0.7 MB
T2 play JJ Jocke 2003.01.09 4.8 MB
T2 play John D John D's temple 2005.03.06 2.4 MB an abandoned temple/pyramid map
T2 play John The Beggar Rebel 2007.06.26 S F 1.7 MB
T2 play Maver1ck (Stikboy) The Tower of Karras 2001.11.23 0.8 MB
T1 play Jonquil Trap ! 1999.12.23 0.2 MB
T2 play Kasimir Oven demo 2002.03.05 0.1 MB A demo on an oven that can be switched on and off
T2ND play kdau KDScript 0.7.0 ND 2013.09.01 F 4.1 MB KDScript is a custom script module for the Dark Engine. It provides access to the new script services available with the unofficial NewDark patch, including dynamic weather and fog and nonlinear campaigns. It provides custom HUD elements including quest arrows, statistic meters, and tool sights. It also provides automatic AI/voiceover subtitling and other useful features.
T1 play Keith Kelly Archery Challenge 2000.07.17 0.6 MB
T1 play Kevin Telford VThief 2001.05.18 0.1 MB Plot Description: I'm writing some sort of guide to particles and on messing about and being bored I came up with this. Just stand still and enjoy :-)
T2 play Catalyst Moving Train 2002.03.21 0.5 MB Plot Description: You're standing on a train, rushing past trees and hills, wind whistling through your hair, smoke billowing out of the smokestack in front of you and trailing off into the distance behind...but wait, in the DARK ENGINE? Can it be true!?...
T2 play Catalyst Thief 2 Rare and Unused Items
DromED only
2000.04.26 0.3 MB Plot Description: This DromEd 2 only demo contains a collection of some unused/rare models found in mesh.crf and obj.crf. See such exciting oddities as Monker and the logbeast! If there are objects you would like to see added feel free to email me with the model names.

Bonus: Contains every AI from the hierarchy, but you'll have to find them…
T1 play Catalyst Thief 1's Rare and Unused Items
DromED only
2000.02.10 0.3 MB Plot Description: This DromEd only demo contains a collection of some unused/rare models found in mesh.crf and obj.crf. Find out what Garrett REALLY looks like, see an angry (and naked) apebeast, examine the frogbomb, and much much more! If there are objects you would like to see added feel free to email me with the model names.
T1 play Catalyst QuickSand
DromED only
1999.10.30 0.3 MB Plot Description: DromEd-only. A demo level and mini tutorial describing how to create a quicksand effect, not to mention the fine art of giving water non-water textures. The accompanying file 'SandTut.txt' contains the tutoria
T2 play Komag Choose Your Own Object: Traps 2002.01.26 0.2 MB
T1 play Kung Fu Gecko Creature Clash 1999.10.01 0.1 MB
T2 play Kung Fu Gecko Creature Clash 2 2000.09.02 0.3 MB
T2 play LarryG FireShadow 2013.06.09 0.5 MB Plot Description: This is my demo mission for the FireShadowEcology and FireShadowFlee scripts in Public script-t2 (v2.2).
T2 play MadBull#34 Fooling Guard Demo (final) 2003.03.27 0.4 MB Plot Description: You start with a magic whistle, 20 broadhead arrows and 40 spell scrolls, which disapear after usage. If a guard starts investigating, simply use a spell or the whistle, he should return to his origin place immediately like nothing happened. It works on AIs standing arround as well as on patrolling AIs. Remember the mission is complete dark (When they see you, the items won't work). They are just created for avoiding alertness caused by noise.
T2 play MadBull#34 Fire 2002.12.31 0.3 MB Using scrolls that spell a fire ball
T2 play MadBull#34 Pigs 2002.12.31 0.4 MB Demo for an ingame shop
T2 play Mahno Abandoned House
abandoned mission
2001.10.05 0.9 MB
T2 broken MaJiC Shadow Of Karras
abandoned fanmission
DromED only - COW-file corrupt ?
2001.06.15 3.7 MB
T1 play Marek Kula Reborn of the Hammerites 2001.02.02 0.3 MB
T1 play Mokkis Athene 2000.04.02 1.3 MB
T1 play MasterAssassin Servants Tutorial - demo 2001.05.18 1.9 MB Plot Description: How to make servants run away when they notice you.
T2 play master_thief_garret Dread Complex 1 : The Chaos Begins 2006.04.08 F 0.3 MB
T2 play Minas Zuniga Assassin / The Jarlson Manor - abandoned 2003.10.21 F 1.6 MB an abandoned mansio/assassin mission
T1 broken Moghedian (MOG/GOB) BigCastle02 2005.04.12 0.2 MB broken - pitch black map
T1 broken Moghedian (MOG/GOB) BigMapCastleTest 2001.04.11 0.2 MB broken - pitch black map
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) Borg 2002.06.02 0.5 MB abandoned castle map
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) BORG004 2002.04.20 0.2 MB abandoned castle map
T1 broken Moghedian (MOG/GOB) Church001 2005.04.11 0.2 MB broken - falling through floor
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) City07 2001.04.13 2.2 MB abandoned castle map
T1 broken Moghedian (MOG/GOB) CityQuarter 2001.04.28 0.1 MB broken - pitch black map
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) CityTest 2001.03.25 0.2 MB abandoned city map
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) D1Rooms 2002.07.22 1.4 MB some test-map
T1 broken Moghedian (MOG/GOB) D1city26 2002.08.07 1.0 MB broken - falling through floor
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) Dungeon 2002.05.01 0.5 MB abandoned dungeon map
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) EasyLevel 2005.04.12 0.5 MB abandoned map
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) Entreance 2001.05.02 0.1 MB early abandoned map
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) Fast and Large 2005.04.11 1.6 MB a very fast map
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) FirstCity 2001.05.13 2.3 MB a big abandoned castle/city map in the mountains
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) GoldMansion
DromED only
2002.04.28 2.8 MB 2 abandoned maps (castle + mansion)
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) ImpossibleMission 2005.04.11 0.8 MB early abandoned map
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) KeepersHouse
DromED only
2001.04.26 0.4 MB early abandoned map (2 versions)
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) korecity0026
DromED only
2002.05.28 3.1 MB a big abandoned city map (various versions)
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) MyCity
DromED only
2005.04.12 2.9 MB early abandoned castle map (3 versions)
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) NewHa 2002.09.03 0.1 MB early abandoned map
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) NewKeep
DromED only
2001.04.26 1.4 MB abandoned mansion map (4 versions)
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) NewYork 2002.08.01 0.2 MB some test-map
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) Port05 2005.04.11 0.3 MB early abandoned map
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) Prison
DromED only
2001.03.26 1.7 MB 2 abandoned prison maps
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) Pub Light test 2001.07.17 3.0 MB
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) SkyTest 2005.04.11 0.6 MB some map to test sky textures
T1 broken Moghedian (MOG/GOB) SvaereGreier 2001.04.10 0.1 MB broken - falling through floor
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) TengelCastleTest
2001.05.12 0.2 MB early abandoned map
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) TGAR 2005.04.12 0.5 MB early abandoned tower map
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) WasteLand
DromED only
2001.05.14 0.5 MB early abandoned map (3 versions)
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) WaterLand 2001.05.14 0.3 MB some big abandoned map
T1 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) ZeroQuest 2005.04.12 1.2 MB some big abandoned map
T2 play Moghedian (MOG/GOB) Plant demo (v2a) - demo 2006.08.14 1.5 MB Plot Description: It is a little demo that was originally made for a friend to show some custom plants in their real setting. The demo also has some gardening equipment as well as four domes and a trellis.
T2 play MRYS Banner 2002.10.14 0.4 MB a fancy banner
T2 play MRYS Wrota 2002.10.14 0.4 MB a fancy door
T2 play MysteryDev Thief2 Gold/T1 Outtakes Pack
Mission Assembly T1/T2
pre-demo/prototype status
DromED only
2006.08.03 F 7.9 MB
T2 --- Naks Horse
- collection of models -
not playable
2009.11.18 0.1 MB Horse model
T1 broken Nameless Voice Grapple
DromED only
2001.12.05 0.3 MB Demonstrates a grappling hook
T1 play Nameless Voice First Person Shooter 2002.06.09 0.5 MB
T1 play Nameless Voice The Baron's Provisions 2003.04.25 0.9 MB A recreate of a level from Daggeral
T1 play Nameless Voice Ripples
DromED only
2001.12.05 0.2 MB Demonstrates leaving ripples behind Garrett while in water
T1 play Nameless Voice Seamless Teleportation T1 2002.11.01 0.4 MB
T2 play Nameless Voice Seamless Teleportation T2 2003.07.04 0.5 MB how you can teleport the player
T2 play Nameless Voice Ingame Shop Demo 2003.11.25 0.3 MB
T2 play Nameless Voice Spreading Blaze
DromED only
2001.12.05 0.3 MB A fire that spreads
T2 play NamelessVoice & Shadowspawn Tech demo 2015.12.21 F 2.3 MB
T2 play NamelessVoice & Shadowspawn Plant demo 2015.12.21 F 32.5 MB plants and mushroom AI
T2 play nicked Multiple CarryOvers 2010.11.21 F 0.3 MB A demo showing how to carry items and loot between missions more than once
T2 play nicked Observatory
2010.09.12 4.6 MB
T1 play ScyoCid Spells 2000.02.22 0.3 MB Cast/throw spells using crystals rather then shooting them like arrows.
T1 play Nick (d0om) The Mint 2000.02.20 0.6 MB
T1 play Nick (d0om) The Trial 2000.02.21 F 0.4 MB
T1 play Nick (d0om) LightSelf 2000.03.10 0.3 MB Make torches ignite automatically when approaching
T2 play Nick (d0om) Poison, Teleporting & More (vdemo)
DromED only
2001.05.18 0.4 MB Plot Description: This level includes: Combo door, Info on QVarTraps and triggers, Poison, A teleport system, and a new third lockpick
T2 play Nivellen EAX demo - polish 2003.07.16 1.0 MB polish EAX demo
T2 play Orka Orka - polish 2006.12.25 1.4 MB a small abandoned city map
T2 play pbucko Bounds Trigger 2000.05.26 0.1 MB
T2 play Paweuek I will kill you all ! 2011.07.03 0.1 MB
T2 play Paweuek Just for fun 2011.07.03 0.5 MB
T2 play Paweuek Paweuek's: Keys
2002.03.17 0.1 MB
T1 play Mad God Lantern Demo
DromED only
2001.05.18 0.2 MB Plot Description: A demo of how to give the player a portable light source.
T2 play PinkDot Library
abandoned fanmission
2006.10.14 22.0 MB a beautiful abandoned monastry map
T2 play Purgator Glowing Spiders Pack 2014.02.11 F 3.7 MB A demo mission with 12 Glowing Spiders.
Models included (LGS). & custom gamesystem.
6 Huge Spiders & 6 Sewer Spiders.
Add a spooky atmosphere with this "Glowing" spider pack (or you can just use the skins).
T2 play Purgator LavaBeast: Demo Mission 2014.10.02 F 42.7 MB A playable demo/abandoned mission featuring a LavaBeast.
T2 play qolelis City 2015.08.25 10.0 MB This is the one closest to being finished, but it still needs a lot of work (loot, AI, objectives, (auto-)map etc...) and you probably will want to retexture everything. Some extras included.
T2 play qolelis Cave complex 2015.08.25 4.8 MB This has the terrain I am most satisfied with, but it might be hell to room brush properly.
T2 play qolelis Monastery/Library/3D-maze 2015.08.25 9.0 MB This one is very confusing to navigate in, but with the right navigation aid, I think it could be turned into something worth playing.
T2 play RasHu RasHu
abandoned fanmission
2011.08.26 1.0 MB A modern building
T2 play RavynousHunter Training Grounds 2007.08.31 0.1 MB
T2 play Redface Unfinished Mission 01
abandoned fanmission
2007.03.02 2.1 MB
T2 broken Redface Haunted House
abandoned fanmission
2007.03.02  17.5 MB
T2 play Redface Den
abandoned fanmission
2007.10.19  11.8 MB
T1 play Riff Weather Effects in Thief 1 2001.05.18 0.1 MB Plot Description: Alright, alright, I hear you from here. "What!? There's no rain in Thief 1!" Well, you're right. there isn't. But there ARE particle effects that can look like rain. That said, here goes. Bear with me, because it's my first tutorial for anything. I found it by buggering with the particle effects while trying to make a fountain. I assume you've already made your starting stuff.
T2 play Rob $ Caminos Thief 2's Sky 2001.05.18 0.4 MB Plot Description: This demo is a demonstration of Thief 2's new sky.
T2 play Rob Hicks Decapitate Truart 2002.06.28 0.5 MB
T2 broken R Soul Dock
abandoned fanmission
2007.05.26 1.4 MB
T2 play R Soul R Soul's Abandoned Missions
DromED only
2005.03.03 6.1 MB a collection of abandoned maps
T2 play Salvage Knockout Darts 2001.07.23 0.3 MB Some new weapons
T1 play Saracoth Merry Christmas 2000.01.01 0.1 MB
T1 play Schwaa (aka Badcogg) EmitTrap 2000.01.23 0.1 MB EmitTraps in action
T2 play Schwaa (aka Badcogg) Breakable Lights Demo
DromED only
2007.12.02 F 7.9 MB Plot Description: This is Schwaa's Dromed demo of breakable electric lights. It also includes various bugs, trees and shutters and a working perfume bottle, fancy screen wall and other assorted goodies.
T2 play Schwaa (aka Badcogg) AI Escape 2002.02.14 0.2 MB
T2 play Schwaa (aka Badcogg) Drop Coins Here 2002.02.26 0.2 MB
T2 play TheCapedPillager Gladiator 2002.01.07 S F 0.1 MB
T2 play TheCapedPillager KnockOut 2002.01.07 0.4 MB Knockout-arrows
T2 play TheCapedPillager Freeze 2002.02.04 0.4 MB
T1 play Sean Barrett Rendering Demo
DromED only
1999.06.06 0.2 MB Plot Description: Dromed-only level. Demonstrates certain basic properties of the renderer--things you probably should know when building your own levels.
T1 play Shadowspawn Sitting - DromED only 2000.02.28 0.3 MB demonstrates a sitting AI
T1 play Shadowspawn Rising Water T1 Demo 2001.03.09 0.1 MB
T1 play Shadowspawn Spotlight
DromED only
2001.09.16 0.2 MB demonstrates a security cam with spotlight
T2 play Shadowspawn Rising Water T2 Demo 2001.03.09 0.1 MB A really neat water effect
T2 play Shadowspawn Short AI
move files inside
2001.12.03 0.1 MB some demo of a small AI
T2 play Sharga Blue Moon
rename Blue.gam to Blue-C.gam
2004.04.30 5.0 MB a huge abandoned map on the planet of Craymen
T2 play Sharga Dark Fortress 2004.04.30 2.1 MB a big abandoned 'marsian' map
T1 play Shin Zombie-City 2000.12.23 0.1 MB
T1/T2 play Shin Shins demos 2001.05.28 0.7 MB
Hammer 2001.05.28 0.1 MB
T2 play Factory01 2001.05.28 0.1 MB
T2 play Space 2001.05.28 0.2 MB
T2 play Jidouhanbaiki 2001.05.28 0.1 MB
T2 play Zoo 2001.05.28 0.1 MB
T1 play Shrieker Shrieker's Ogre
DromED only
2002.03.16 0.1 MB Plot Description: This small Thief:The Dark Project mission file is my humble try to bring the famous and obscure two-headed Ogre (a.k.a. Ettin) back to life. Yes, I know I am not the first who made it.
Many of the Thief fans know, that the game developers from Looking Glass Studios planned to implement this creature into the game. The Ogre has even appeared on some screenshots from the early versions of the game. Un/Fortunately (choose what you like), they have decided to remove it from the final version of Thief.
T2 play Silencium18 Carneval 2008.05.22 S F 0.7 MB
T1 play SilentSleep Spike ceiling 2000.01.29 0.1 MB Demo on spiked ceiling traps
T1 play SilentSleep Combo 2000.04.06 0.3 MB Demo on combo-locks for Thief I
T1 play SilentSleep Count bodies 2003.03.11 0.3 MB Sample for kill-max-AI
T1 play SilentSleep Sword 2000.01.25 0.2 MB Change ambient sound depending on weapon drawn
T1 play SilentSleep Torch 1 2000.02.25 0.2 MB A torch
T1 play SilentSleep Torch 2 2000.02.28 0.2 MB Pick up crate and use in inventory. The you can use the torch.
T2 play SilentSleep Climb
DromED only
2001.01.24 0.3 MB An attempt to make AI climb up ladders and mantle, not very good looking
T2 play SilentSleep Flow 2000.12.15 0.1 MB What you can do with flow brushes
T2 play SilentSleep Jump
DromED only
2001.01.24 0.3 MB Demonstrates making AI jump
T2 play SilentSleep New Keeper 2001.01.14 0.1 MB Demonstrates one method of making Keepers disappear
T2 play SilentSleep Security Camera Demo
DromED only
2001.01.01 0.3 MB
T2 play SilentSleep/Saturnine CamVator Demo 2001.04.20 0.1 MB How to make a CamVator
T2 play Sleepy Keeper Behaviour - DromED only 2000.07.31 0.3 MB demonstrates enemies that can become 'invisible' in shadows
T2 play Slipknot Ramsgate That Dreadred Sundown
DromED only
2005.03.04 0.8 MB a small, but nice abandoned city map
load 'Ramsgate That Dreaded Sundown.mis'
T2 play Sliptip Fire/Water FX demo 2012.02.05 6.2 MB A simple demo demonstrating some TGA fire/water effects.
T2 play Sliptip Abandoned mage mission 2014.09.08 194.0 MB Miss20 - this is the main area I had developed with the intention of coming up with some neat ideas (that never materialized) for the 4 elements.
Miss21 - this is meant to be the earth realm beneath the main structure (miss20)
Keep04 - Kind of a re-boot of the main mission, just with a larger scale
T1 play sNeaksieGarrett Arena
abandoned fanmission
2008.06.22 0.3 MB
T1 play
Sperry Hero Quest 2000.03.24 1.1 MB
T2 play SSB1 Jesters Pawn
abandoned fanmission
2008.06.17 6.7 MB
T2 play Sterlino Lost at the Sea
abandoned fanmission
actually a full mission nonetheless
2007.10.14 2.0 MB
T2 play Sterlino Shop in Game 2004.02.12 1.5 MB
T1 play Sxerks Gamma Box T1 2009.04.22 0.5 MB Gamma settings Thief 1
T2 play Sxerks Gamma Box T2 2009.04.22 0.4 MB Gamma settings Thief 2
T2 play Sycamoyr Part of city 2012.02.29 5.0 MB
T2 play sensut Grunt's Texture Pack demo 2013.01.18 74.5 MB demo map with all textures from Grunt's Texture Packs
T1 play TACOS EAX Gallery 2001.05.02 0.1 MB a demo on EAX effects
T1 play TACOS Enemy 1999.09.17 0.1 MB
T1 play TACOS Sitting 2001.05.02 0.1 MB
T2 play Targa Fragalicious 2002.12.20 0.4 MB
T2 play Telliamed tnhScript21 Demo 2009.03.05 0.5 MB demo of tnhscript functionality
T1 play Deep Qantas Conversation at Gate 1999.10.08 0.4 MB Plot Description: I finally got the conversations working, and my friends popped in to make some speech. This is what resulted. I'm planning to make this the beginning of my level (if I ever have time to finish it).

If you have trouble with conversations, you might want to try this. Freely modifiable.
T1 play Tels Reflections 2001.05.18 0.1 MB Plot Description: Someone asked about mirrors. Although I could get it completely to work, see for yourself!
T1 play Tels Bend Around Hell 1999.09.10 0.6 MB Plot Description: I always wondered if it would not be possible to create "bend" walls, by using something other then these horrible 10-sides circles. This is just to show you that there is more to DromEd than straight walls and boring right corners. I hope that I can soon generate that stuff with a script, but for now I just copy&pasted that level together from the first wedges. Hope you get some new ideas. Some stuff looks very interestingly like Quake... :)
T1 play Tels Circles 1999.06.13 0.1 MB Plot Description: A small sample map showing some things you can do with circles. In the first room it show how you can use multple circles to overcome the limit of 11 sides in one circle. Then there is a room with a "bend" all and finally to circles inside each other, casting interesting shadows.
T1 play Tels Default Mission 1999.05.12 0.7 MB Plot Description: A small sample default map. You can use this as a base to build other levels. ThiefLoader compatible, Has already a patrol route, a StartinPoint, some light effects (watch the Guard with that Lantern ;) and two objectives as well as a sample map page. "load convict" already used. convict.osm is included so that people without DromEd can play your missions.
T2 play Ricebug Daraan 1.20 2014.08.09 S 30.5 MB Demo for the high resolution tree-textures created by Daraan
T2 broken The Independent Thief (NightRanger) Big Base
abandoned fanmission
2009.04.20 25.8 MB
T2 play The Independent Thief (NightRanger) Art Gallery 2010.01.24 F 15.4 MB
T2 play The Independent Thief (NightRanger) In the Woods 2011.06.05 S 7.6 MB Egypt mission in Black&White
T2 play The Independent Thief (NightRanger) Half Baked FMs
abandoned fanmissions
2012.04.11 164.0 MB Continuation to '4th Planet'. Abaondoned.
T2 play The Pixie QVar Tutorial 2005.11.16 0.6 MB a demo on how to setup objectives
T1 play The Raven Assassinations (Assassination Trap Demo)
DromED only
2001.05.18 0.1 MB Plot Description: A small map demonstrating how to set up assassin traps in DromEd.
T2 play Theker The Clock Tower
abandoned fanmission
DromED only
2006.05.12 8.3 MB
T1 play THEthief Mystery 2001.05.18 0.2 MB Plot Description: A very cool demo that demonstrates switching from one body to another. VERY COOL. - Digi
T1 play THEthief Knife Thrower 2000.02.13 0.1 MB Demo on how to make an AI throw a knife
T2 play THEthief ‘Three Blind Mice’ or ‘Love, Justice and Faith’
abandoned fanmission
2007.10.03 5.3 MB
T2 play The Watcher TWScripts demo 2.0.4
DromED only
2013.07.21 F 8.0 MB Demonstrates the effects that are possible with TWScripts, like AI emitting breath clouds in cold areas, moveable platforms with selectable speed, ...
T2 play
Thief0 The Hammerite Reserve
abandoned fanmission
a full mission nonetheless
2006.10.13 2.7 MB
T2 play Thief0 Hookshot demo 2008.05.13 S F 0.4 MB
T2 play Thief0 Particle Attachment 2008.05.15 F 0.1 MB "I think giving a ParticleAttachement link to Player (via a conv, of course) can be used to create some cool effects."
T2 --- M S Eyre Thief 2 Object List
- collection of models -
not playable
2003.10.30 3.9 MB Nice index of default objects
T2 play Ticky Miami
abandoned mission
2006.12.22 0.8 MB
T2 play Timon CVdemo 2002.08.20 0.1 MB CamVator demo
T2 play Timon Apteka
abandoned fanmission
2006.10.08 0.3 MB
T2 play Timon Wodna
abandoned fanmission
2006.10.08 0.2 MB
T1 play Trimfect Mice R Us 1999.06.17 0.1 MB Plot Description: Evil mage, Tyball jr. has cast the spell of mouseness upon Garrett.
T1 play Trimfect Roller 1999.05.28 0.5 MB Plot Description: Not a map. Not a level. What would probably describe this "level" would be a comment: "No Comments." It's freaky, it's fast and it's small. A small demonstration of what gravity and physics can do.
T1 play Trimfect Pinball - demo 1999.11.11 0.4 MB a Pinball simulator
TG play Sluggs Abandoned TG FM
abandoned fanmission
2009.03.12 1.0 MB
T2 play Sluggs Abandoned Factory
abandoned fanmission
2007.09.07 20.3 MB
T2 play Sluggs Disco
abandoned fanmission
2007.07.22 1.6 MB
T2 play Sluggs Museum
abandoned fanmission
DromED only
2004.11.13 5.1 MB
T2 play Sluggs Featherstone
abandoned fanmission
DromED only
2004.11.30 7.9 MB
T2 play Sluggs The BFG 2004.01.12 0.2 MB Fun with a Big Cannon
T2 play Sluggs Breath 2004.01.16 0.4 MB AI Breathe in Cold Weather
T2 play Sluggs In Game Movie 2004.08.01 0.8 MB
T2 play Sluggs Junk Mission 2003.08.18 0.2 MB
T2 play Sluggs Small Demo Collection
demo collection contains :
Woods, Well, Spooky, Mansion, Corridor,

DromED only
2003.07.28 1.0 MB
T2 play Sluggs A Small Incomplete Mansion 2003.05.23 0.2 MB
T2 play Sluggs A Small Haunted Crypt
awesome ambient
2004.02.22 0.5 MB Neat Particle Effects
T2 play Sluggs Zombie Bits 2002.08.31 0.1 MB Just the Zombie Parts on Display
T2 play Sluggs Zombie Island (Lighthouse) 2006.10.16 13.3 MB abandoned FM. no idea what it is about
T2 play Sluggs Jetpack demo 2015.04.16 F 63.1 MB a functional Jetpack
T2ND play Unna Oertdottir Fortuni's Fortune ND 2019.08.18 F 0.4 MB Teleporting with NewDark
T2 play von.Eins New Objects 2001.01.03 0.6 MB Some new objects
T1 play VooDoo Productions WWF Smack Down! 1999.09.29 1.9 MB Plot Description: Layeth down the smack and don't forget to take a bathroom break!!!
T2 play Weyoun Doggy (custom motions) 2003.07.08 0.1 MB Plot Description: Demonstration of custom motion files.
T2 play William the Taffer Spooky Door 2001.11.01 0.5 MB Plot Description: This tutorial shows a taffer how to make a locked door slam open, and spew out undead when they walk away from it. ;-)
T2 play William the Taffer Water Bucket Demo 2001.10.14 0.4 MB Plot Description: These water buckets can be used to extinguish torches and other types of flame. They are a handy (but noisy) way to extinguish multiple flames at once.
T2 play William the Taffer Frogmatic 3000
DromED only
2001.05.10 0.4 MB Plot Description: A Thief fan once wrote "I always thought there was a mommy frogbeast, but I then found out that there was just a big frogbeast making machine."
T2 play William the Taffer Droid Demo 2001.08.15 0.7 MB The System Shock 2 bots in Thief 2
T2 play William the Taffer AI Museum 2002.03.28 0.8 MB
T1 broken Winter Cat at1_ais 2009.11.18 0.2 MB Thief1 AI's
T2 play Winter Cat at2_ais 2009.11.18 0.2 MB Thief2 AI's
T2 play Yametha New Critters 2002.03.23 0.8 MB
T2 play Yametha New Critters 2 2002.05.13 0.8 MB
T2 --- Yandros Yandros' Doors
- collection of models -
not playable
2003.11.23 2.98 MB Plot Description: Demo of various doors.
T2 play Yandros Motion Tag Demo 2004.08.30 0.2 MB demonstrates AI gestures
T2 --- Yandros Hammerite Mission Development Kit (v1.0)
- collection of models -
not playable
2007.07.18 42.0 MB Plot Description: The HMDK is a collection of Thief 2 resources related to the Hammerites, a faction of religious zealots which played an integral role in the story of Thief 1, but were all but absent in Thief 2.
T2 play Yandros St. Francis' Folly
abandoned mission
2007.12.20 8.0 MB
T2 play Yandros Murder Most Foul
abandoned mission
2008.01.22 1.6 MB
T2 play Yandros The Olde Castle
abandoned mission
2008.01.01 7.9 MB
T2 play Yandros Hammerites vs. Mechanists Battle (demo) 2010.07.24 30.4 MB Plot Description: This little demo mission was made just for those who find it fun to watch Hammers and Mechs go at it.
T1 play Z Hit The Slopes 2000.06.15 0.5 MB Plot Description: A small mission where you descend from a high mountain to an underground cavern.
T2 play Z Serpents Eye 2000.10.27 W 0.3 MB Plot Description: A demonstration of atmosphere.
Game Status Author Title Date S W H L F Size COMMENTS

ND : requires NewDark