Thief OM & FM text patches

Last Update : 2017-05-27

Here you can find fixes for the readables of the original Thief Games and for various Fan Missions.

Game Language Download
Thief 1/Gold OM's german Thief1G-OM-german 2013-05-31
french Thief1-OM-french 2013-06-02
Thief 2 OM's german Thief2-OM-german 2013-05-29
french Thief2-OM-french 2013-06-02
Thief 1 + Thief Gold + Thief 2 FM's english
FM-Text-patches 2017-05-26
(Fixes for more then 100 FMs!
Check the list inside the ZIP for details.)
T2X all languages T2X-text-patches 2013-06-19
TDS OM's all languages TDS-Books 2013-11-17

Translated Missions

Game Download Language added by
Thief 2 FM's Lord Burkhard (by Gilbert Gradl) english gnartsch
About rats, spiders and an escape (by Kamon) english gnartsch